Sri Sathya Sai Baba

# Saying
1 Equanimity is a divine quality.
2 Service and Love are powerful instruments to transform human to Divine.
3 The Lord loves those whose hearts are filled with purest Divine love.
4 Whenever and wherever you are in touch with God, it is the state of meditation.
5 The world's prosperity or otherwise is based upon the character of the youth.
6 To develop your moral and mental strength, one should practice Sadhana and learn to discipline one’s mind.
7 Mind control is more heroic and beneficial than any other system of control.
8 It is only when one engages in selfless service that love can be purified.
9 The one who has the greatest satisfaction in life is the richest person.
10 God is the life-breath of every soul.
11 Good Company (Satsang) is the easiest and most fruitful method of keeping yourself free from dust and rust.
12 Engage your tongue only to speak the truth, to speak sweetly and to consume what is pleasant and wholesome for your body.
13 The disease of attachment to worldly objects can be cured only by the drug of devotion to God, cultivated through japa and dhyana.
14 You cannot always oblige, but you can speak always obligingly.
15 Absence of compassion and consideration for others is the mark of tamasic nature.
16 Among the nine forms of devotion, the foremost is the cultivation of Sakhya (friendship) with God.
17 The thought manifests as word, the word translates into deed, the deed develops into habit, the habit hardens into character. So watch the thoughts and its ways.
18 The primary goal of a human being is to realize their inherent divinity and redeem their life by that realization.
19 Offer your virtues as flowers. Virtues spread beauty and fragrance.
20 The state when your mind and intellect unites, is called freedom, also known as liberation (Moksha).
21 A true devotee is ever conscious that the universe is a manifestation of the Lord and is fully permeated by Him.
22 Real happiness lies within you.
23 Only when impure and unholy thoughts are expelled from your mind, sacred feelings will enter into it.
24 Injuring or Hurting or Causing harm to another is a sign of animality.
25 The only ache people have nowadays is ache in the stomach due to over eating and lack of exercise!
26 Heaven and hell are created, depending on the conduct of those who live.
27 When your actions are harmonized with Divine Time, you will enjoy contentment (thrupti).
28 Command the mind, regulate your conduct, keep your heart straight and clear, then you will get the grace of God.
29 Fortune is as much a challenge to one
30 Let the waves of memory, the storms of desire, and the fire of emotions pass through without affecting your equanimity.
31 Love sees everyone as part of one Divine Family.
32 Depression, doubt and conceit - these are detrimental to the spiritual aspirant.
33 Faith is like our life-breath. It is impossible to live even for a minute in this world without faith.
34 Devotion to the Divine will give you bliss, prosperity and peace.
35 God is all Names and all forms.
36 The craving for fruit will render all spiritual disciplines fruitless.
37 If you take one step towards Me, I take hundred steps towards you.
38 Offer your sullied heart to the Lord. It is like presenting a soiled note to the Reserve Bank and getting a new one.
39 Depression, doubt, conceit - these are Rahu and Kethu to the spiritual aspirant.
40 If you honour your mother, the Mother of the Universe will guard you against harm.
41 Universal peace depends on the peace of the society, which in turn depends on the peace of the individual.
42 Spiritual progress is righteous living, and having good conduct and moral behavior at all times.
43 When you surrender to the Lord, He will guide you and guard you like the eyelids guard the eye.
44 Parents have the primary responsibility to mould the character of children. Too much freedom should not be given out of excessive affection.
45 All work is God's; He inspires, He helps, He executes, He enjoys, He is pleased.
46 If you really crave for God, repeat His name 'Om Namo Narayana' like Prahlada. Sing the glories of God like Radha and Meera.
47 Love is the most powerful weapon in this universe.
48 Reform the body, reconstruct the mind, and regulate the way of living, then every nation will become automatically strong and prosperous.
49 When Righteousness (Dharma) and Peace (Shanthi) are adored, genuine prosperity and happiness exist.
50 God is nameless and formless, but He responds instantly when the seeker takes any one of His many names intensely.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba:
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