Sri Sathya Sai Baba

# Saying
1 All work is God
2 Following your inner voice is true spirituality.
3 The greatness of human being lies in the fact that by conscious effort it is possible to remove the evil in anyone.
4 Most people remember God only during difficulties. Earn the Grace of the Lord and mountains of troubles will vanish!
5 Total surrender, leaving everything to His Will, is the highest form of devotion.
6 Why blame God when bitter seeds do not yield sweet fruits?
7 Tender hearts, holy thoughts, loving speech – these invoke Divinity at all times.
8 What you have to seek from God is God Himself.
9 So long as you say ''I am''. there is bound to be fear, but once you say and feel ''I am GOD'', you get unconquerable strength.
10 The heart is like a vessel. Fill it with qualities of Truth, Love and Sacrifice.
11 What is offered to GOD is totally free from all defects and imperfections.
12 The person filled with love has peace of mind, is pure at heart and will be unruffled by any adverse circumstances, failures or losses.
13 Make your emotions pure; your mind strong to resist the force of ignorance and the wiles of the senses – then you are assured of peace and joy.
14 Do all acts as offerings to God; do not classify some as 'my work' and some as 'His' work.
15 Simple faith in the words of the wise is more profitable than years of study and discussion.
16 True sacrifice consists in sharing your wealth, strength and qualities, which are derived from society, with everyone.
17 The body will shine if the character is fine. Worship of God and serving others will preserve its charm.
18 True devotion really means installing the Divine in your heart and enjoying the bliss of that experience.
19 Command the mind, regulate your conduct, keep your heart straight and clear - you will get the grace of God.
20 Only through unsullied devotion and adherence to Truth, one can realise God. God is the embodiment of Love and Truth.
21 Education must open the eyes and enable them to recognise 'The One' behind the many.
22 To secure the grace of God, you must adhere to right conduct and observe purity in thought, word and deed.
23 The Lord loves every being, whose heart is saturated with Divine Love (Prema).
24 Each country is but a room in the mansion of GOD.
25 The secret to peace and joy is: God first, the world next, myself last!
26 God alone is your true and totally selfless friend and benefactor.
27 To gain liberation, to win Rama's grace, it is not enough to repeat His name; you must practice the Rama principle.
28 Meditation is nothing else but rising above desires.
29 Devotion and morality are as important for physical health as they are for mental health. They free your mind from agitation, and feed it with joy and contentment.
30 Do all your tasks as offering to God; do not classify some as 'my work' and some as 'His' work.
31 Fill your every moment with gratitude to the Giver and the Recipient of all gifts.
32 All things in creation are subject to the law of change, and man, too, is subject to this law.
33 Life 'here' is for the sake of reaching 'there'!
34 When you kill an animal, you give him suffering, pain, harm. GOD is in every creature, so how can you give such pain?
35 Offer your virtues as flowers. Virtues fill you with beauty and fragrance.
36 The primary goal of a human being is to realize their inherent divinity and redeem their life by that realization.
37 When you earn the grace of the Divine, even mountains of sin will be reduced to dust.
38 Service with the correct attitude is righteousness (Dharma). Service is the path to God-realisation.
39 Let the waves of memory, the storms of desire, and the fire of emotions pass through without affecting your equanimity.
40 Any act that is done with purity in thought, word and deed is Right Conduct (Dharma).
41 Without God, life is like a school without a teacher. It is a wire with no current passing through it; it is a body with no soul.
42 True happiness consists of union with God.
43 We should realize that man has not only a mind which conceives thoughts, but also a heart which can put them into practice.
44 Contemplate on God with all your heart. Chant His name and surrender to Him to redeem your lives.
45 When God is pleased with you, the whole world will be pleased with you. Therefore, let all your efforts be towards pleasing God.
46 The welfare of women is an index of the welfare of the nation.
47 Love sees everyone as part of one Divine Family.
48 The grace of GOD is like insurance. It will help you in your time of need without any limit.
49 Love is another name for Dharma. True love is priceless.
50 Lesser the number of wants, greater will be your freedom.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba:
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