Sri Sathya Sai Baba

# Saying
1 Love, respect, tolerance, mutual co-operation and forbearance – these must flow from the heart of each to all.
2 True adherence to your conscience is righteousness proper.
3 A peaceful mind is an abode of love.
4 When we practice Right Conduct (Dharma), the Divinity within us will manifest itself spontaneously.
5 'Selfless Love' is God's gift to all of you. Share it freely with everyone in the Universe.
6 Constant reflection on the glory of God helps to transform and transmute the body, mind and spirit.
7 Humility can be built only on a foundation of charity and detachment.
8 When your actions are harmonized with Divine Time, you will enjoy contentment (thrupti).
9 Bhajan, Satsang and meditation done with the mind soaked in love can confer Peace, Joy and Wisdom.
10 Ignore the evil that others do to you and forget the good that you do to them.
11 An air conditioner may cool your body; only the Grace of God can cool the heated brain and troubled heart.
12 I am Love, I shower Love. I share Love. I am pleased with Love.
13 True spirituality consists in promoting unity through harmonious living and sharing joy with one and all.
14 Resolve to sacrifice everything you have for the sake of the pure-hearted children who rely on you for guidance.
15 Take the Name of the Lord God as your constant Companion, Guide and Guardian throughout the toils of your working hours.
16 Do all your tasks as offering to God; do not classify some as 'my work' and some as 'His' work.
17 One should think of God and offer prayers at least four times a day - at dawn, at noon, at sunset and before going to bed - as food for the soul.
18 Good health does not depend on medicine. It is essentially dependent on good words, good manners, good sight and good thoughts.
19 When God is pleased with you, the whole world will be pleased with you. Therefore, let all your efforts be towards pleasing God.
20 He who is steady in Wisdom stands closest in the company of the Lord.
21 The sanctification of the five senses is the way to practice truthful living.
22 Start early, drive slowly, reach safely.
23 Destroy your ego; you have no need to seek liberation; you will be liberation itself.
24 True Spiritual sadhana is cultivating noble thoughts and undertaking virtuous deeds.
25 Fullness in life is marked by the harmony of thought, word and deed.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba:
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